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Dr. Joshua Carmack

Chiropractic has always made sense to me

My family first experienced Chiropractic in 1980. My father was experiencing headaches on a daily basis that would plague him morning until noon. His condition was not improving. Luckily, a family from our church regularly visited a Chiropractor and they referred my father to their Chiropractor. Referrals are powerful things! Although it was a 45 minute drive from where we lived, my father visited the Chiropractor, followed his instructions faithfully and he overcame his headaches. Symptoms brought my dad to the Chiropractor, but it was the essence of Chiropractic that resulted in the initiation of my care.

Dr. Joshua family photoIt was a great thing for me (and all of the practice members that I have been able to care for) that my father’s Chiropractor explained the importance of chiropractic care for EVERYONE, especially your children. In June of 1986 I was blessed to receive my first chiropractic adjustment, at age 8. My first adjustments were not for back pain or headaches. They were specifically to find and remove spinal subluxations so I could grow up to be the best person I could be, free from subluxation. A subluxation is a misalignment of the spine that creates pressure on the nerves that exit the spine and ultimately disrupts the constant communication between the brain and all of the tissues of the body. These subluxations were preventing me from expressing my total health and vitality. I continued to get periodic chiropractic adjustments for the rest of my life and just recently celebrated my 25th year receiving Chiropractic.

Chiropractic has helped me to make the most of my life

I not only feel great and rarely get sick, but Chiropractic has also helped me with numerous sports injuries, sinus and allergy problems and even a case of severe sciatica resulting from a soccer injury. The nice thing is that Chiropractic does NOT treat any of the conditions that I experienced great results with. Chiropractic simply removes the interference to the communication between your brain and your body so your body is able to do what it naturally wants to do… without external “help”.

After graduating from high school in 1995, I attended the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, thinking that I wanted to become a pediatrician. My inborn desire to help people and my love for children was the driving force behind my decision. Through my pre-med education and my continued chiropractic experience, I learned more about the body’s ability to heal from “above-down and inside-out” and I began to have a philosophical problem with my decision to be a pediatrician. If I believed that the body had the ability to heal from the inside out, without drugs or surgery, then how could I spend my life medicating and vaccinating children?Chiropractic answered that question for me.

My Journey to Becoming A Chiropractor

In January of 1998 I began my chiropractic education at Life University in Marietta, Georgia. One of the best decisions of my life! I became totally immersed in my chiropractic education, particularly my adjusting technique classes and my physiology classes. I was amazed to learn all of the things that the body is capable of. The more I learned in school, the more miraculous the creation of the body became in my mind! Simply put, I could not spend my life doing anything else!

When I graduated from Chiropractic College, I moved back to Tennessee and began working for the Chiropractor who was my inspiration and childhood Chiropractor. As fate would have it, this is where I met my wife, Heidi. Heidi is a Wisconsin native with a degree in musical theater (which brought her to Nashville), who happens to be the daughter of a Chiropractor. Heidi has a very strong Chiropractic philosophy: “God created you with an Innate Intelligence that utilizes your nerve system to control and coordinate all actions in the body, and the body will heal itself, from the inside out, when there is no interference. Chiropractors are the only practitioners in the world who are trained to detect and correct spinal subluxations (interferences in communication between your Innate Intelligence and your body). We strongly believe Chiropractic first, and (if absolutely necessary) drugs second, and surgery as a last resort!”

Our Chiropractic Family

We have two children, and one “due” around March 17th, 2012. Our oldest is Cillian Patrick Carmack. He was born September 1, 2007, and Clare McTaggert Carmack, who was born at home November 2nd, 2009! We spend as much time with our children as possible. Based on our philosophy and the current statistics on safety, we chose a midwife with Cillian and an unassisted homebirth with Clare! We will also have an unassisted home birth with our 3rd child. The less interference to the perfect process of nature, the healthier our family will be. Birth can be a traumatic process for a baby. In light of that, we checked Cillian for his first chiropractic adjustment when he was a few hours old. I gave the honor of Cillian’s first adjustment to my father-in-law, Dr. John Bruns, who is a chiropractor in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. I checked Clare for an adjustment within an hour of her birth and we will check our next baby as soon as possible also. We want our children to start out in this world with the best chance of having a healthy and connected life!

My wife and I are avid golfers. That is definitely our most enjoyable past-time. We love the variety that middle Tennessee offers and play at as many different courses in the area as we possibly can. Unfortunately for me, Heidi is a much more fundamentally sound golfer than I am, and she pretty much beats me regularly! We are also football and hockey fanatics!

As a chiropractor I know the importance of regular chiropractic care and I do get regular adjustments myself. Every week I go to the chiropractor and have him check my spine to see if I need an adjustment. If I need an adjustment, then I get one. If I do not need an adjustment, I leave very happy (knowing that my body is working to stay healthy) and I return in a week for another check-up.

Other than chiropractic, my wife and I choose to work out regularly and we work hard to maintain a healthy diet. Our philosophy on diet is pretty straightforward: eat a variety of organically grown foods (that have not been processed) and keep our portions to a reasonable size. Garbage In Garbage Out. Josh Carmack’s rule – “If it has more than one ingredient in it, then don’t buy it!” It is difficult for the body to function in a healthy state when the foods you put into your body harm more than they help you. We often counsel our practice members, family, and friends on principles of healthy eating.

Because of our regular chiropractic care and healthy lifestyle (having healthy eating habits, exercising, resting, and having a positive mental attitude), we very rarely ever experience any illness. If we do have times where we do not feel well, it passes quickly. We get checked for subluxations and we do not use medications (prescription or over the counter). We know that if we do not interfere with the body’s natural processes that our bodies are strong enough and smart enough to overcome almost all disease processes without the use of drugs or surgery. The exception to this is in the case of trauma! If I were to accidentally chop my arm off, rush me to the hospital first and I will swing by the chiropractor for an adjustment after the doctors put my arm back on!

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